The Star!

She shoots everything in her house which makes her fans think if anybody ever lives with her since nobody has guests in her shows even though a lot of people have expressed interest in doing so. She is good at imitating celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Snooki, Lady Gaga, and even Sarah Palin. She also rants on numerous Pay Porn Discounts topics that are specifically girly ones including things that boys will never understand. She is not alone as a lot of Youtubers want to follow in her footsteps since there is basically no investment needed for someone to become that popular. There is no doubt in her mind that she would love to be a role model for young girls to try and be successful on their own.

It is definitely easier said than done since only a few people possess her looks and charisma. Some Youtubers become one-hit wonders meaning they disappear when they see that their videos did not exactly catapult them into superstardom. Just like any career, this one needs a bit of sacrifice since it is going to take up a lot of your time. She actually hired a Brazzers discount team since she gets 50000 fan messages a month. A large amount of mail for someone who is just starting her journey to greatness and that is what she deserves.

Jenna Marbles the Youtube Sensation

Jenna Marbles is one popular Youtuber she discusses a variety of topics from make-up to just about anything under the sun. She also does everything in her videos as she shoots, stars in, edits, and even uploads her own videos. She usually gets to accomplish all of that in a single day which is such a major accomplishment so it means she is used to doing a lot of things in one day. She is such a workaholic because she used to juggle a lot of work just to pay for her apartment’s rent.

She works as a go-go dancer, bar-tending at night clubs, and working at a tanning salon where she had to deal with the disgusting chore of having to mop up customers’ sweat. It was not a pretty sight indeed but it has to be done. Her online accomplishments are interesting as she has more Instagram followers than Oprah, the same millionaire talk show host.

She stays humble despite being at a level where only a few can even manage to be. She has over one billion Youtube views as her pretty face discusses a lot of topics aimed at both girls and guys. She has eight million subscribers and it continues to grow as each day passes by. Each user knows that she can be entertaining and smart in each video because if that ain’t true then she won’t get any subscribers. Her real name is actually Jenna Mourey as Marbles is the name of her Chihuahua. Their popularity of Jenna is pretty hard to match since she is good-looking herself. She looks like she can get any man with the snap of her fingers. She is obviously not someone who eats a lot because if that is the case then she would not look that good in front of the camera. She is very creative with her videos there was one time when she uses her creativity to come up with such a good video that it would automatically get shared and people who are not her fans will become her fans.

Her popularity is mainly among teenage girls as she has more Facebook likes than Hunger Games and X-Men star Jennifer Lawrence. She is pretty good at makeup as it has been evident how makeup can transform girls who are not that pretty into girls who guys would love to date. She often polls her fans for Wicked Pictures discount suggestions on what to do next and the suggestions pile up and she does not even know what to do first.